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Triple Zero

Stay focused, stay relevant, stay on the line

​ Triple Zero (000) awareness campaign and promotional material

The national Triple Zero (000) campaign aims to build awareness of the Triple Zero (000) number and educate the community about when to use the number.

The campaign serves to reinforce to members of the public their responsibilities when calling the Triple Zero (000) emergency number both in nominating the required emergency service and identifying the location they are calling from.

The campaign uses the internet, newspapers, radio and television to promote messages of Triple Zero (000). In addition, elements of the campaign have been translated to reach culturally and linguistically diverse communities throughout Australia.

Triple Zero (000) should not be referred to as 'Triple Oh', as this can cause confusion and could result in people incorrectly dialling 666 on some alpha-numeric keypads. If dialled within Australia, emergency calls to 666 will not be re-routed to Triple Zero (000).

Help us to communicate the Triple Zero message

The Triple Zero Awareness Working Group has produced a short video to encourage community organisations to use the Triple Zero logos to raise awareness of the Triple Zero number. The video is presented by Chief Superintendent Paul McGuiggan from Fire & Rescue New South Wales.

The video is available from the ​ Vimeo website.

You can apply to use the Triple Zero logo and information by emailing​ capabilityprojects@nema.gov.au with 'Triple Zero logo' as the subject line.

Triple Zero Kids' Challenge online safety game

The Triple Zero (000) Kids' Challenge online safety game was produced by the Triple Zero Awareness Working Group. The game is available in seven languages including English, Arabic, Vietnamese, Chinese, Thai, Hindi and Dinka.

Now you can play the award-winning children's safety game on your smartphone and tablet with app versions of the online game. Available in both Apple and Android versions at:


Available on Apple app store 


Available on Google play  


On 17 September 2014, Minister for Justice the Hon Michael Keenan MP launched the Triple Zero Kids’ Challenge Teacher’s Guide. The guide is aligned with the Australian curriculum and is designed to teach children the practical steps on how to identify, confidently react to, and report emergencies by calling Triple Zero (000).

The guide and supporting resource pack is available to download on the Triple Zero Kids’ Challenge website.

Radio announcements

Radio commercials have been developed to reinforce the Triple Zero (000) campaign message.

Television announcements

These commercials show how the Triple Zero (000) number is used to connect callers to the nearest emergency service. When you call Triple Zero (000), stay focused, stay relevant, and stay on the line.

Other language resources

Triple Zero (000) posters have been produced by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) in English and a number of other community languages.